St. Julies Youth Ministry and Confirmation Programs is proud to be actively involved in the Archdiocese Empowering God's Children (formerly known as Teaching Touching Safety) program. As part of our continued diligence to keep children safe, we work with our Safeguard the Children Committee in accordance with diocesan guidelines to ensure a safe environment for children and teens at St. Julie Billiart.  As part of our program all volunteers are Virtus Trained and fingerprinted through the diocese. For more information about our volunteers guidelines, click here.

All of our children and teens in our Religious Education Program participate in the Empowering God's Children program each year. Topics are communicated to parents at the beginning of the year. This year our Youth Ministry  and Confirmation Teaching Touching Safety Class is on Internet Safety.  These topics will be discussed in the month of January. For any concerns or more questions about our program feel free to contact the parish office at (805) 499-0979 or email Daryl Hitt HERE.


You can find it HERE.

To report any abuse immediately call one of the following:

  • Los Angeles County Child Abuse Hotline: 1.800.540-4000  - 1-800-272-6699 (Hearing Impaired)

  • Santa Barbara County Child Abuse Hot Line: 1.800.367.0166

  • Ventura County Child Abuse Hot Line: 1.805.754.7000

  • Archdiocese Victims Assistance Ministry Office: 1-800-355-2545

  • Ventura County District Attorney Victims' Assistance Services: 1-805-654-3622

  • Thousand Oaks Police Department: 1.805.654.9511