Confirmation 2019 at St. Julie Billiart

This year we will be continuing to use the Ascension Press Program Chosen

Confirmation At St. Julie Billiart


St. Julie Billart's Confirmation Process is a two year process that begins can begin in 9th grade. Teens are required to do a wide variety of steps to help prepare them to received the sacrament. The Components include, class sessions, 20 hours of Parish Involvement hours, attendance of weekly mass and Holy Days of Obligation, participating in our youth ministry and other parish ministries and outreach, regular reception of the sacraments etc. Parents play a key role as well and are required to attend parent sessions.

For a copy of our information packet for click here.

Parents and teens must sign and turn in the acknowledgement form and safety training permission slip found in the information packet

Challenge of the Week and Taking it Home

In the students text book there is a section in the back titled "CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK" AND "TAKING IT HOME". Students must complete these sections prior to the next class session and turn in the Challenge of the Week Reflection Form.

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