Each year we take between 50-75 teens and young adults to our retreat facility for what is the most impactful experience of our teens journey through the Sacrament of Confirmation. This year we will journey once again to Forest Home in Ojai in hopes that the Holy Spirit will reach our young people once again. We ask that you help us pray for our team and candidates that will be going on this journey with us once again. If your teen is attending this year's retreat you can find some important information here. please see below.

Our Confirmation Retreat focus and goal is to help create and environment where candidates for confirmation may encounter Christ and be touched by the Holy Spirit in hopes to further their desire to be confirmed in the Catholic Church. This retreat and its team members spend hours planning and executing the retreat goals and activities to create a once in a lifetime experience for teens.

If you're a parent for a teen in this year's confirmation program and would like more information about the retreat please click here for the most recent email updates. The blank Permission Slip can be found on the paperwork tab