Wiffle Ball LEague Summer of 2018

Players Info

Family League-

Open to families with players of all ages (minimum of 3 years old no max age). Families may combine teams as long as they don't exceed 8 players total. 

Single player registrations will be placed on a family team or a team of other single registrants.

MVP League-

The MVP League is open to ages 18-60 and is for more skilled and competitive play. Those experienced in playing competitive baseball or softball are encouraged to join the MVP league. 

League Fees

Single Player $20


Team fee $75

I'm very excited to announce this summer we will be introducing our own wiffle ball league here in Newbury Park.  You may be asking yourself "why wiffle ball?" WIffle ball is a fun, safe, and competitive way for families to bond with other members of their community.  It takes all of the best parts of the game of baseball and softball and combines them into fast paced games with little standing around waiting for the ball. Wiffle ball also is a smaller field, requires fewer players on each team, and there is no equipment needed accept for the ball and bat which our league will provide.  All you need to do is show up, play by the rules, and have a fun family attitude.  If you're looking to play a little more competitive this summer and you're between the ages of 15- adult, sign up for our MVP league. 

Wiffle Ball Intro

How to pitch a wiffle ball